The Business Opportuity of Closed Loop Innovation

Kingfisher plc describe their business approach to the circular economy including a closed loop product measurement tool developed in partnership with Advancing Sustainability.

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2052: A Global Forecast for the Next Forty Years


A long term global forecast written by Limits to Growth author, Jorgen Randers, with glimpses of the future provided by a number of invited contributors. Chris Tuppen's glimpse reviews the scarcity of critical materials and is entitled The Urban Mining of Metals.

Visit the 2052 website for more information.



Towards The Circular Economy

This report explores the economic and business rationale for an accelerated transition towards a circular economy. Looking at no more than a subset of EU manufacturing sectors, it finds an annual net material cost savings opportunity of up to USD 380 billion in a transition scenario and up to USD 630 billion in an advanced scenario.

Advancing Sustainability was a member of the report's research team.

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Circularity Indicators

An open source methodology for measuring the circularity of products and companies.

Advancing Sustainability were a sub-contracted partner in the project.

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More details, case studies and tools are available here.

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Climate Stabilisation Intensity Target

This paper describes the science based carbon target approach developed when Chris Tuppen was in BT.


The model links a company’s financial and environmental performance to the necessary carbon reductions the planet must make in order to avoid catastrophic climate change.                                  Download report here.

This approach has now been incorporated into a Science Based Targets Methodology and adopted by over 100 companies.


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Opening The Lines

A Call for Transparency from Governments and Telecommunications Companies. 

In the light of the disclosures by Edward Snowden this highly topical report investigates the role of telecommunications companies in traffic intercept and blocking. 


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The Materiality Report : Aligning Strategy, Performance and Reporting proposes a materiality toolkit that helps businesses align their strategies and performance management (including reporting) to emerging social and environmental constraints and opportunities. The report recognises that the most important contribution of businesses to social and environmental challenges will be in what they do in achieving success rather than what they avoid doing.

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Just Values

Comparing the moral case for sustainable business with the business case, this report examines the limits of action. It concludes that a strong moral position can extend the business case for sustainable development. Or, as Jorgen Randers says in the report, "Do the profitable thing now, and do it as responsibly as possible. At the same time, press hard, on a moral basis, for making more of those responsible things more profitable in the future". Download report here.

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Green Clouds

How moving to the cloud can contribute to your green credentials. A thought leadership paper produced for Smart421, part of the KCOM group


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