We are an independent limited company, founded in 2010 by Dr. Chris Tuppen, specialising in smart cities, sustainability impact assessments and the circular economy.

Dr. Chris Tuppen, Founder, Advancing Sustainability Ltd

Dr. Chris Tuppen, Founder, Advancing Sustainability Ltd


Chris Tuppen has been involved in sustainability for over twenty years. He is Visiting Professor of Smart Technologies at University Campus Suffolk and Honorary Professor at Keele University. He was previously BT’s Chief Sustainability Officer. 



Over the years Chris has played an active part in a number of prominent bodies. He has served on the boards of CSR Europe and BSR (Business for Social Responsibility). He co-chaired the Global Reporting Initiative’s G2 measurement working group and chaired the Global e- Sustainability Initiative and the European Telecommunication Network Operators Association’s environmental working group. He was initiator and co-editor of the report SMART 2020 – Enabling the Low Carbon Economy in the Information Age.

He is currently a member of the Executive Board of the Prince of Wales Accounting for Sustainability project, a member of the BBC Sustainability Advisory Group, a Director of the Aldersgate Group, and a member of the Green Economy Pathfinder Board of the New Anglia LEP.

In January 2008 he was named by a special Guardian newspaper panel of prominent environmental figures as one of the 50 people who could save the planet from climatic disaster.