Traditionally a sustainability strategy covered risk mitigation and community engagement. Today it increasingly overlaps with the commercial strategy of the organisation and will help win and retain business.

Advancing Sustainability has been involved in the development of circular economy thinking for more than five years. This includes evaluating the business, economic and environmental cases for becoming more circular, reviews of scarce materials and measuring the circularity of products.


Experience and Case Studies: Tools to measure the impact of circularity for Kingfisher plc. Developing the macro-economic case for establishing the circular economy in Europe with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Scarcity of critical materials.

We have worked on a very wide range of sustainability metrics since 1990 with a special focus on streamlined whole life carbon footprinting and circularity metrics, alongside the business benefits.


Experience and Case Studies: An open source methodology for measuring the circularity of products and companies in partnership with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. A science based approach to setting company carbon reduction targets that doesn't limit business growth. Advancing sustainability have worked on metrics and targets with companies in many sectors including toys, ICT, children's products and road surfaces.

Strategic reviews can take place at any point of the sustainability journey. A good starting point is a materiality evaluation - defining the most important issues from both business and stakeholder perspectives.


Experience and Case Studies: Chris Tuppen sponsored the original materiality standard and has had experience in materiality determinations in the telecommunications, water and waste, and satellite industries.
Strategic reviews have also included one on transparency and human rights around government intervention of phone and internet traffic for GNI and the environmental benefits of cloud computing for Smart 421.